INTL Issue 35

A Quarterly E-Publication of the International Brain Injury Association



Fatigue Following Brain Injury
J. Ponsford

Examination of Brain Injury Thresholds in Terms of the Severity of Head Motion and the Brain Stresses
A. Rezaei, G. Karami, M. Ziejewski

Simulation and Clinical Assessment of Blast-Induced Traumatic Brain Injury
P. Taylor, J. Ludwigsen, A. Vakhtin, C. Ford

Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries were Previously Undiagnosed, and Therefore Uncertain, and Damages Speculative
R. Bitonite, K. Hecht, D. DeSanto, B. Tribuzio

"As You are Now, So Once was I":  A Reflection on Empathy when Working with Persons with Acquired Brain Injury
C. Hartwell

NeuroVive Pharma Updates on Cyclosporine's Progress toward Approval as a Pharmaceutical for Treating Moderate to Severe Traumatic Brain Injury
S. Campbell, E. Elmer, M. Bronnegard

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