Members' News

Members' News

NTL wants to know what its members are doing, particularly as related to international speaking and research given the mission of the organization. Please send your news for inclusion in NTL to Peter Patrick, PhD

From Dr. Rita Formisano

On 18-20 October 2011 I attended a Workshop in Bruxelles: "Towards an International Initiative for Traumatic Brain Injury Research (InTBIR)" where there was an interesting discussion on the need and utility of International Multicenter Trials on Comparative Effectiveness Research in TBI.

Another interesting conference I attended was the EBIS (European Brain Injury Society)which was held in Treviso on 25 November on "Vulnerability after traumatic brain injury: from benevolence to abuse. Medical, legal, psychological, social and ethical aspects". The medico-legal aspects of the social condition of vulnerable persons after severe TBI or ABI was shared with professionals, family members, individuals with TBI and voluntary associations. Pictures of the Treviso conference can be obtained from Dr. Paolo Boldrini.

Dott.ssa Rita Formisano
Primario Unità Post-Coma
Ospedale di Riabilitazione Fondazione Santa Lucia
Via Ardeatina 306 - 00179
Roma (Italy)