International Symposium on Neurorehabilitation: From Basics to Future.

More than 300 delegates, including researchers, health care professionals and engineers will come together on October 15-16th in Valencia, Spain to discuss the latest developments in neurorehabilitation.

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) raised public awareness on the rising problem that the high incidence of acquired brain injuries (ABIs) poses to society, while highlighting the need for a multidisciplinary rehabilitation process starting at the earliest stages after a traumatic brain injury or a stroke.

Over the last few years, the application of new technologies in medicine has brought about improved outcomes for patients by providing more efficient or new treatments, something similar to what is happening in neurorehabilitation. However, it was still necessary to create a forum where all the neurorehabilitation-related specialties could share common concerns, issues, and solutions. With this need in mind, the Fundación Instituto Valenciano de Neurorrehabilitación (FIVAN), the Brain Injury Service at Hospitales NISA, thePolytechnic University of Valencia and the Cátedra Santiago Grisolía, Fundación Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias –Comunitat Valenciana joined forces to organize the “International Symposium on Neurorehabilitation: From Basics to Future” to be held in Valencia, Spain from October 15-16th, 2009.

Similarly, apart from updating health care professionals on the latest developments in their specialties, theInternational Symposium on Neurorehabilitation aims to promote the application of new technologies to clinical practice to obtain better outcomes from rehabilitation treatments and thus, improve the quality of life of patients and their families.

As a result, the Symposium´s program includes traditional topics, like the limits of consciousness or the benefits of pharmacology to neurorehabilitation, and more innovative content, like the role played by genetics in the prognosis of an acquired brain injury, the latest developments in technology applied to rehabilitation and a therapy with sea lions that has shown benefits in the sensorial improvement of patients with an acquired brain injury.

In total, more than one hundred research topics will be presented, some of them from experts in highly renowned rehabilitation organizations. Among the experts that will present during the Symposium are Dr. Steven Laureys, neurologist specialized in coma state patients, Dr. Greg Burdea, one of the most important experts worldwide in the application of virtual reality to rehabilitation, Dr. Gery Colombo, CEO of Hocoma, the leading company in rehabilitation robotics, Dr. Keith D. Cicerone, specialized in neuropsychology, Dr. Randolph J. Nudo, world renowned researcher in neural plasticity, and Dr. Barbara Wilson, specialized in cognitive rehabilitation and recently honoured by the British Psychological Society for her lifetime professional achievements.

The International Symposium on Neurorehabilitation, an event officially supported by the International Brain Injury Association (IBIA), intends to become a periodic forum where rehabilitation specialists, researchers and engineers can come together to share clinical and technical know-how and experience for the benefit of patients.

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