INTL, Issue 37


A Quarterly E-Publication of the International Brain Injury Association


In This Issue

IBIA and IPBIS to host international Conference on Brain Injuries in Children and Young People
Carol Hawley, Ronald Savage, Beth Wicks

Clinical Applications of the Halifax Consciousness Scanner:  Tracking Recovery on a Severely Brain Injured Patiently
Carolyn Fleck-Prediger, Sujoy G. Hajra, Bruce D. Dick, D. Shaun Gray, Careesa C. Liu, Lauren Petley, Ryan C.N. D’Arcy

IBIA World Congress Abstract Submission Site is Now Open

Publications: Advances in Brain Injury 

Effort, Symptom Validity Testing, Performance Validity Testing and Traumatic Brain Injury
Erin D. Bigler

Revisiting the Neurofunctional Approach: Conceptualizing the Core Components for the Rehabilitation of Everyday Living Skills
Jo Clark-Wilson, Gordon Muir Giles, Doreen M. Baxter

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