From the Chairperson


Nathan D. Zasler, M.D.

IBIA is pleased to announce that we are planning on having our next meeting in the Spring of 2008 in Western Europe. Our meeting date was pushed back due to delays incurred by the cancellation of the originally planned meeting to be held in Jerusalem. Please stay tuned for further details.

IBIA continues to publish the NeuroTrauma Letter (NTL) four times per year and we are requesting interested contributors to contact Dr. Zasler with submission ideas (e-mail: We encourage individuals to join the organization to reap the benefits of membership including the journal Brain Injury, our newsletter, use of our listserve and discounts to our professional meetings.

Currently, IBIA's numerous subcommittees are hard at work on myriad issues in an attempt to move the organization both politically and scientifically forward in the world neuroscience community.

The strategic planning committee led by Dr. Donald Stein of the USA is working on long-term development issues in conjunction with the finance and fundraising committee led by Dr. Zasler.

The by-laws committee, chaired by Dr. Leon-Carrion of Spain, is examining the current by-laws structure of IBIA and will make recommendations to the Board of Governors regarding recommended changes to keep IBIA streamlined and functioning optimally.

Dr. Lucia Braga of Brazil has kindly accepted taking over the dissemination and education subcommittee from Dr. Erin Bigler who, unfortunately, has to resign due to family issues.

Dr. Braga and her committee will be assisting IBIA in developing educational programs including facilitating the International Scientific Affairs Committee for the 2007 Meeting in Europe.

IBIA is also pleased to announce the Dr. Henry H. Stonnington Award for best review paper which will be given through the IBIA's official research journal, "Brain Injury," co-edited by Jeffery Kreutzer, Ph.D. and Nathan D. Zasler, M.D. Please refer to the journal¹s website at Taylor & Francis: for further details on the journal and the award.

The Henry Stonnington award will be given annually to the best scientific review paper commencing in 2007 with a first place award of $1,000 and second place award of $500 USD. Recipients will also be recognized at the biennial IBIA meetings.

IBIA is also honored to announce the development of the "Lifetime Achievement Award for Contributions to the Field of Brain Injury Medicine".

More information to follow. The first award will be given at the 2008 IBIA meeting.

Nathan D. Zasler, M.D. 
Chairperson, IBIA